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Mallorca touches and captures people in so many different ways.

For myself, Mallorca offers enchanting encounters with nature, hiking and exploring  the Tramuntana mountains. Walking on Mallorca provides recovery in harmony with nature.

With this page, I want to share my hiking tips with those of you who prefer a little easier rambling, as opposed to more strenuous mountain climbing.

My other Mallorca is the Soller valley, or the golden valley as it is also is called, with its villages; Soller, Fornalutx and Biniariax.


This page is not intended as a traditional travel guide. That has been done, very successfully many times before .

My intention is to encourage and inspire more people to visit and discover this beautiful island .

During the recent years Mallorca has had a high ranking on most visited destinations in Europe.

You can travel to Mallorca all year round. Even in December the weather can be balmy, with daytime temperatures  between 15 and 20 degrees , dropping in the evenings to a considerably lower, 8 to 10 degrees.

The most changeable and wintry months are usually January and February, when there might be snow one day and a

”small summer” the next.

Mallorca has so much to offer. You could rewrite the famous phrase "When you're tired of London, you're tired of life" replacing the UK capital city with ”Mallorca”!

There is something for everyone, ranging from party life, beach life ,city culture and cafes, to hikes and yoga camps.


Our propertie is located in the divine beautiful little village of Fornalutx, located in the center of Serra Tramuntana. This accommodation are available for rent, please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


All photos are my own, except the flight image on the "About Us" page.

The images are clickable for enlargement.

The page will be updated as soon as I discover new little treasures.


Feedback is always an impetus to further development.

If I managed to inspire you to follow any of my hikes, I'm really keen that you share your experience of the trip, positive or negative.

Write and tell me about your experience under "Contact us". Here you can also ask questions related to the content on my page.


A warm welcome to my Mallorca


el limonero, the lemon tree

The name of the website, el limonero, is named after the valley that caught our hearts - the Soller Valley - or as it is also called the "Golden Valley" because of its countless lemon and orange groves.