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Port de Soller

Many visitors takes the old tram from Soller down to the beautiful, almost completely round bay of Port de Soller. The trip is five kilometers long and takes about 20 minutes.


Along the bay you will find a beach promenade free from cars, lined with hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars.

The promenade also follows Mallorcas only sandy beach located along the west coast. Actually, the beach consists of two smaller beach strips joined by a stony part in the middle.


The long beach is made of sand from the Sahara and from other beaches on Mallorca. The plan is that the entire beach strip eventually will consist of sand.

In high season there are not as many people here as in other beaches in Mallorca.

A warning though; the location of Port de Soller as in a ”horseshoe”, surrounded by high mountains, makes the place extremely hot during the summer. Much hotter than other parts of the island. The temperature easily reaches forty degrees occasionally.


The excursion boats for Sa Calobra and Torrente de Pareis starts from the pier in the port.


The village was originally built to protect Mallorca and Soller from pirates. For that reason, there is not spent as much work on building beautiful houses and cozy squares as in Soller. However, it doesn´t deprive Port de Soller the feel of a cozy little place.


In Santa Catalina, in the northern part of the bay where the tram has its end station, lies the original part of the village. Here is also the small fishing harbor remaind.


When you leave the tram, continue Carrer de la Marina straight ahead and take a short walk in the small alleys. The road passes in wide staircases up to a view point with a magnificent view of the entire Port de Soller.


After another hundred meters you reach the final goal. Close to the sea museum, located in one of the harbor's oldest buildings, the St. Catherine de Alexandria oratorium, built in 1280, you have the whole Mediterranean in front of you. The sunset from here is magical.


If you are visiting Port de Soller, you must also visit the lighthouse Cap de Gros.

A narrow road leads all the way, but I recommend a hike up the steep and winding paved road. You might then have the chance to encounter some of the wild goats who lives here.

The lighthouse was built in 1842, but it did not get electricity until 1918.

The panoramic view of the sea and the valley is amazing.


There´s also panoramic views of the sea and the valley at the Es Faro restaurant, which is next to the lighthouse. I have not eaten there myself, but I´ve got mixed reviews about food and service, but giving yourself a reward in form of a small tapas and a big ice-cold beer after the walk up is never wrong.

Es Port

If you want to get away from the beach and street life and looking for some peace and quiet, I recommend a visit to the hotel Es Port, dating back to the 16th century. The hotel has a fantastic garden where you can sit down and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

The hotel also serves a buffet of typical traditional Mallorcan food a few days a week.


The range of restaurants and bars in Port de Soller is large. Most of them are located along the seafront and at the port of Santa Catalina. This is where everything happens. Many restaurants are open most of the year, but not during December to February.

Some restaurant suggestions:

If you want sunset, it´s Nautilus the perfect place. The location is amazing, the menu is nice, but you go there for the sunset.

Our favorite bistro is Don Pedro, located at the beginning of Repic Beach. Affordable and amazingly good.

Best fish you eat at Kingfisher, at the end of the harbor.


The tapas variants are many, but best selection has Cava and El Sabor.

Lua serves both fish and meat in a little more luxurious environment.


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