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More and more people from Scandinavia have begun to discover the hiking routes in Mallorca and many of our travel agencies organize hiking trips here. The Germans and the British have long found their little treasures on the island.


Hiking trails in Mallorca are clearly marked and easy to follow.

Mallorca has a very varied range of hiking opportunities. Some of the tours go to peaks with reaching 1 000 to 1 300 meters, while others might  follow a valley or traverse a narrow ravine.

Many of the tours introduce aspects of local cultural interest, taking you close to the local population while enjoying  the lush landscapes and picturesque villages. On the northwest side of the 90 km long mountain range of the Serre de Tramuntana, one can follow the scenic coastal trails. It is here that the most exciting hiking tours are available.

The two very best starting points are the Soller area on the west coast and the Santuari de Lluc in the mountain area further north.

From Alcudia in the northwest, it´s close to the northern part of the Serre de Tramuntana mountain range.


The verdant Soller valley is surrounded by the high peaks of Puig Major in the north, Puig de l'Ofre in the east and Teix in the south. Locations in the valley is the attractive working town of Soller and the two idyllic villages of Fornalutx and Biniaraix.


Those who want to walk the entire mountain range, stretching from Andratx in the south to Formentor in the north, are advised to allow about 8 days for the hike and to choose the more temperate and comfortable months in spring and autumn to enjoy the experience .

July and August are not recommended for walking in the the mountains as the heat can be oppressive and debilitating.

It is important to be aware that the winter climate in the mountain range is unpredictable. Therefore, it is important to bring some warm clothing even if it feels like summer when you start hiking down in the valley, because it can really rain in these misty mountains.

Apparently good hiking conditions in a couple of minutes can be tranformed into very difficult weather, with torrential rain,   stormy gusts and fog. Trying to navigate your route high up in the mountains can even be extremely hazardous, with slippery stones and steep banks and drops of several hundred metres.

In many places you will see an exciting cultural landscape and charming villages. The walks follow old routes and paths, used by pilgrims, traders, farmers and smugglers.


GR is an abbreviation for "Grand Recorregut" which means a long trip. This is an international term for hiking trails which are over 50 km long and marked with their own character set of red and white painted lines.

GR221 is called Ruta de la Pedra and Sec. The route is in many places walled with stone and takes you through a landscape of terraces, with olives, almonds, oaks and pine, vistas of scenic beauty and aspects of local culture and colour. 


The hikes that I describe on this site are based on my own experience along with my irreplaceable hiking guide "Walking on Mallorca" by Anita and Birger Lövland. I don´t know if it´s translated into English.

The book has been a really good investment.

"Walking on Mallorca" describes 50 hiking tours with text, photos and maps.