9. Coll de l´Ofre

el limonero

Coll de l'Ofre

One of the most recommended and frequented hiking tours is the walk between Cúber and Barranc de Biniaraix. The walk follows the old pilgrim road to the monastery Lluc (hiking 23).

One of the highlights of this trip is the mountain plateau, Coll de l'Ofre, at 875 meters altitude. If you don´t want to go all the way from Biniaraix an option is to take the car or bus up to the Cuber reservoir. (If you leave the car there remember to not leave valuable belongings in view).

The walk begins opposite the foot of Majorca's highest mountain, Puig Major. Parking is available at mileage 34 on Ma-10, where the road into Cúber water reservoirs begins.

Follow the GR221 trail along the western side of Cuba (right side). The path is well signposted.

The 875m high Pass Coll de l'Ofre offers a fantastic view of the Tramuntana Mountains to the south and over Cúber and Puig Major in the north.

Walk 50 meters to the right of the plateau. Here you can see Soller and Port de Soller in a birds-eye-view.

The walk back and forth takes about two hours.