26. Fornalutx - Sa Figuera - Soller - Fornalutx

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Fornalutx - Cami de Sa Figuera - Soller - Fornalutx

The walk begins at the pretty little square "Plaça Espanya", surrounded by cafes and a small supermarket. It is well marked with signs and arrows. Approximate hiking time is 4 hours.

Cross the square past the three cafes located in line, to get into the Carrer de Sa Placa.

Then turn right to Carrer des Toros. After a short while you reach the sign "Port de Soller and Tuent 5 h".

Follow the narrow, paved road that winds through olive groves in the outskirts of the village further up to the road, Ma-10. The walk up here takes about 20 minutes.

Take off down the road towards "Sóller, Andratx and Palma". After just a few meters you´ll cross the Ma-10 and then follow the forest path towards "Cami de Sa Figuera and Port de Soller and Tuent".

The path leads past olive groves, grass and carob trees. Occasionally, it opens up and offers a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean Sea and Port de Soller.

After 45 minutes from MA-10 the path goes down steeply to a paved road. Turn left for fifty meters until you reach the old road between Port de Soller and Soller, Ma-2124.

The road meanders beautifully in the old cultural landscape. The views of the mountains and the Mediterranean fill your mind with peacefulness and happiness. From the surrounding farms you can hear sheep, donkeys, hens and hundreds of other birds. Roses climbing the fences.

Eventually you will reach the sign "Soller 55 min" on the left side of the road. Here you´ll take off.

Where the landscape opens up and the hike downwards begins, you have a fantastic view over the Sollervalley.

After passing houses and other buildings in a few minutes, you will return back to Ma-10 via Cami de Can Tamany. You must cross the road again to continue the walk on Cami de Sa Figuera.

Then follow the signs for Soller and Fornalutx until you arrive at the football stadium in Soller "Camp de Fotbol". After the stadium, turn left towards Fornalutx and Biniaraix.

Continue the road straight ahead for 10 minutes until you reach the sign GR221 towards "Binibassi, Biniaraix 40 min" and "Fornalutx 35 min".

After 20 minutes you´ll reach the small village of Binibassi on the opposite side of the village of Biniaraix.

Binibasi's history dates back to the 13th century when there was a farm built by the Arab family Ibn Bassi, or Banu Bassi. Today the village consists only of a few houses.

The beautiful road is surrounded by orange, lemon and olive trees.

Keep following the path to Fornalutx that leads up to the left for another 15 minutes.

The path opens out at the old cemetery, "Cementiri Municipal".

You are now back in the outskirts of Fornalutx. Follow the road straight ahead, past the hotel "Sa Tanqueta", via the Carrer Joan Alberti Arbona back to "Carrer de Sa Placa" and the starting point, "Plaça Espanya".


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