25. Coll de sa Gramola - Sa Trapa - Sant Elm

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Sa Trapa
Sa Dragonera

Coll de Sa Granola - Sa Trapa - Sant Elm

The hike begins at the stop Coll de Sa Granola, along the coast road MA-10 and the kilometer mark 106, beautifully situated with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

The coll offers plenty of seating with table as well as several prepared barbecue areas.

Coll de Sa Granola is located 5 kilometers north of Andratx at an altitude of 344 meters.

Follow the gravel road with a return sign down to the right.

(A path is leading up to the left, but there is a sign marked "privado".)

Follow the trail for about an hour until you reach a crossroads where a winding road leads down the valley towards the village of S'Arracó, located on the road between Sant Elm and Andratx.

Continue the path up to the right. The marking is unclear, but there are only two paths to choose between.

Shortly thereafter you will come to another crossroads: to the left, the "main road" and to the right a trail that follows the ridge. We chose the slightly broader "main road".

After about half an hour the path opens out at a large heap of stones.

The road to Sa Trapa leads up to the left, but before moving on, turn right to the impressive Mirador d'en Joseo Sastre view platform. The view of the coast and the island of Sa Dragonera is amazing.

To the south,you can see a glimpse of the gravel road to the ruins of the monastery of Sa Trapa.

The path to Sa Trapa leads down the valley side, at times quite steep, and ends into a gravel road that leads down to the right to the monastery, 270 meters above sea level.

From the monastery, you can choose between two options for the continued hike towards Sant Elm; The sign "Sant Elm 1 hour" refers to a steeper option. We followed the safer option and followed the road back towards the sign S'Arracó.

Follow the steep, winding road down for about an hour to Cami Coll dels Cairats. Then follow the road to the right to Sant Elm.

The road eventually ends on Avinguda de la Trapa, down to the sea in Sant Elm.

The magical Sa Dragonera