24. Banyalbufar - Esporles

Banyalbufar – Esporles

This 8 km hiking trip follows the old route between the two villages in the Tramuntana Mountains. The trip takes about 2 1/2 hours.

The trail is part of GR221 and is mostly well signposted, but we missed to follow the path at a stone wall 1½ hours after the start of Banyalbufar, a miss that cost us 30 minutes walk along the country road.

The hike starts at the small central square of Place de la Vila, near the bus stop in Banyalbufar, further along the Carrer de la Font de la Vila at the left of the square.

The first part of the trip follows a paved road for 40 to 45 minutes, through a typical cultural landscape with terraces and with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Banyalbufar.

After leaving the paved road, the trip continues on a wide and stony path through the oak wood up to the highest point of the trip, Coll des Pi at 454 meters. Just before you reach here there is a sitja on the left side of the path. Here you can see the Mediterranean Sea, the Teix mountain range and the small harbor, Port de Canonge.

At a stone wall in the forest there is a sign saying "Banyalbufar 1 h 30 min" and "Esporles 40 min" that leads the path down the forest. If you miss it you will end up on Ma10, and it's not recommended.

After a while you´ll reach a metal gate in a stone wall. The path is partly made of stone down towards Esporles and crosses the main road Ma-1100 about 200 meters above the Esporles / Puigpunyent / Banyalbufar intersection at the Sa Granja museum.

It's also where you will end up if you gone lost earlier.

The remaining part down to Esporles goes partly parallel to Ma-1100 and crosses, among other things, a long water channel over an old stone bridge.

The hike ended up behind the church in Esporles and the main street of the village.


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