23. Barranc de Biniaraix - Cuber

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23 Barranc de Biniaraix - Cuber

Time: 3 to 4 hrs

The Barranc de Biniaraitx is a deep gorge running north westwards into the Soller valley. The road is clearly signposted the entire route.

The main Barranc dry stone road was built to link Soller with the farmsteads at the very heart of the Serra de Tramuntana,and the monastery of LLuc and the plains beyond. The route has been used by pilgrims to Lluch monastery since the 14th century.

Biniaraix is easily reached by car from Soller.  Park on the main road at the entrance of the village.

If you come by bus to the bus station (Placa de America) in Soller go to the main square with the big church, take the Carrer de sa Lluna (the main shopping street) and go straight on till you reach Biniaraix 30 min later.

The walk starts at the public washing area in the tiny hamlet of Biniaraix.

It is an impressive path, winding its way up the steep slopes of the gorge.

In the ravine there are steep terraced olive groves, sometimes supplemented with carob and almond trees. Some of the olive groves are majestic resting on the cliffs without any visible connection to the world below.

While the main path was used as an important link between Soller, Tramuntana Mountains and the fields in the south, many of the smaller paths were built by local farmers to reach isolated olive groves and water sources.

Whether you are seeking a scenic and peaceful hike or a tough adventure, the Barranc has certainly more then one walk to choose among.

From Biniaraix, the climb is at first gradual, following the torrent at the bottom of the valley; once past the torrent d'es Verger, the path leaves the stream on the right bank to come above a set of cliffs that dominates the gorge. The way finally levels out to eventually reaching the farmstead of l'Ofre.

After climbing into the steep and increasingly barren mountains, it is astonished to suddenly have a wonderful view of fields and meadows at such a high altitude. The greenery is overwhelming.


The last part of the walk up to the plateau Coll de l'Ofre follows a forest path and takes about 30 minutes.

The view from the plateau over the surrounding mountains, the Soller valley and the Mediterranean is fantastic.


The walk then continues downhills to the Cuber reservoir through the barren landscape, sometimes reminding of Provence. The color scale is grayish green. Along the trail blossoms rosemary, sage and lion. (See more pictures in walks 8 and 9).