22. Fornalutx - Binibassi - Biniaraix - Fornalutx

el limonero

Den lilla kyrkogården i Fornalutx
Den gamla åsnestigen
Blåregn överallt

22 Fornalutx - Binibassi - Biniaraix - Fornalutx

This short tour starts from Fornalutx and the picturesque square "Plaça d'Espanya". A perfect walk if you just want out and "stretch your legs" a bit.

It does not take much longer than one hour, but has so much to give; olive groves, citrus groves, views, leafy gardens and much, much more.

Follow the small alley "Carrer de Sa Placa" and then further on "Carrer Joan Albertí Arbona" which eventually turns into "Cami Binibassi".

After 10 minutes the road passes the small cemetery in Fornalutx before it narrows and then follow the old path for about 15 minutes down to the village of Binibassi.

The village is easy to miss because today it only consists of a few houses and there is no sign informing where you are.

Follow GR221 towards Biniaraix for 10 minutes until you reach the road between Soller and Fornalutx. The view of the Soller valley and Binibassi, which you just left behind, is magnificent. Soller, Biniaraix and Fornalutx lies in front of you.

Looking out over all orange- and lemon groves, it's easy to understand why the valley got its name "Golden Valley".

Out on the Ma-2121 road, turn left to Fornalutx a few hundred meters until you reach the sign "GR221 Biniaraix". Then follow the trail past leafy gardens up to the small village which, like Fornalutx, managed to retain its old charm.

The village is not big and after passing the smaller roads "Carrer de Santa Caterina" and "Carrer de Sant Guillem" you are standing on the very small square in the middle of the village, "Placa de la Concepció" with the tiny church "Immaculada Concepció", built between the 15th and 16th centuries.

The walk continues straight through "Carrer sant Josep" and further on to Fornalutx and back to Ma-2121 again.

If you in a hurry back to Fornalutx, you can take a shortcut through the last curves upwards if you follow the signs "Fornalutx a Peu" and "Carrer Mallorca".

I gränslandet mellan Fornalutx och Soller
Sväng till vänster upp på Carrer de santa Caterina
Placa de la Concepció
Immaculada Concepció
På väg uppför mot Biniaraix
Ensam tupp i apelsinodlingen
Fantastiska murar på väg nedför till Biniaraix
Flodfåran ner mot Soller
Citrusodlingar fyller dalen
Kan inte annat än älska alla dessa gamla stenhus