2. Tour on old routes west of Soller

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Tour on old routes west of Soller

This beautiful tour we followed from the book "Walking in Mallorca".

The distance we laid behind us was 8 km and took about 3 hours. It is not possible to hike fast in the

mountains so kilometer information on the signs can sometimes be misleading.

Most of the signs on the foot paths provide information about waymarks and give an approximate duration ,sometimes these are a little optimistic!

The directions outlined in  "Walk on Mallorca"  are very easy to follow.

Start opposite Repsol gas station in Soller, kilometer mark 30.6 on Ma-11.


"On the roadside there is a stone statue where it says" Deía a Peu / Camí des Rost - 7.933 km ", a sign" Hotel Ca'n Coll "and the wooden sign" Deía "inward along the road. After 200 meters, the sign "Camí de Rocafort 2h 40min" points up to the left - this is where the walk ends.

Continue towards Deía along "Camí de Rost 2 h 30 minutes”. The asphalt road ends after 700 meters and then continues as the old route to Deía.

The path is large extent stented with upgrade both upwards and downwards.(Don’t know what this means) In the junction, low wooden poles with arrows show the direction.

The area is a varied cultural landscape, and the sounds are many: dogs, cocks, sheep bells, pigeons and birdsong. The path is easy to follow. Where the road passes near one of the railway tunnels, it is signposted "Camí des Montreals / Deía 2 h 15 min" up to the left and Camí des Rost / Deía 2 h 15 min "straight ahead.

The path crosses a paved road 200 meters below the luxury hotel Ca's Xorc. In the crossroads stands a signpost ”Camí de Castelló/Deía 1 h 45 min" straight ahead and  the way to the left towards the Ca's Xorc says "Soller/Camí de Castelló ".

The tour follows the Camí de Castelló, but take the shorter side journey away to Son Mico at GR221 trail. It is only about 12-15 minutes each way. The reward is a fantastic views and the opportunity to buy freshly squeezed orange juice and apple-, lemon- and orange pies.

Back at the junction, Camí de Castelló continues past Ca's Xorc until the gateway to the beautiful property of Es Gix. It continues as a gravel road and further as a path road down a wooded area where sheep graze. Wooden poles are showing the way.

The trail passes through the courtyard to the estate Can Jeroni Gros. Immediately after, there is a climbing section saying "Camí des Montreals" to the left. It crosses the railway before it comes down to Camí des Rost at one of the tunnels (alternative path). Camí de Castelló continues beautifully over the wooded side and reaches the steep farm road up to Can Paies, overlooking Puig Major and Puig de l'Ofre.

Follow the wooden poles to a path split, where a stony path leads steeply down to the left towards Soller.

At the junction, Camí de Castelló goes towards Pujol d'en Banya straight ahead, while it is signposted "Camí de Rocafort / Soller 15 min" down the left. The stony path, that is steep, leads to a bridge over the railway line right at the beginning of a tunnel, and comes down on a paved road at a small water basin with the sign "Camí de Rocafort").

Once again you´ll cross the railroad tracks, and is soon down at the junction at the start of the tour where it says "Camí de Rocafort 2 h 40 min."