19. Sa Bassa - Fornalutx - Biniaraix - Soller

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Sa Bassa - Fornalutx - Biniaraix - Soller

The walk between Sa Bassa and Fornalutx is known as "The thousand steps tour". The reason for this is the steep slope that made it necessary to build stone stairs all the way down.


Unlike our other hikes, this walk starts from the top and leads down at the first part.

We parked the car in Soller and took a taxi up to the rest area/recreation area ”Área recreational Sa Bassa” along MA-10. The journey up from the train station in Soller cost 26 € (2016).


The walk, which is well signposted with arrows, follows the old Camí de s'Alzina Fumadora route.

At the information board on the left side of Ma-10 (if you come from Soller), it is signed "Camí de s'Alzina Fumadora 1 h 5 min". Initially, you have to climb over a fence on a wooden ladder. The walk continues the old pathway lightly upwards for about 15 minutes until you reach a water tank in stone, where you then follow the path down the left.

Before starting the walk down, take a detour a few hundred meters straight ahead. You are now on a small plateau with a wonderful view of Soller.


The path from the water tank leads down to Ma-10. When you reach Ma-10, follow the road about 50 meters down until there is a sign on the left side road marked "Camí de s'Alzina Fumadora 45 min". The sign is located opposite the kilometer mark 43.


The tour continues as a steep, stony, path with lots of pivots and about a thousand steps down the forest.

The path leads you to  an attractive terraced landscape and then on to a cement road where it is marked "Camí de s'Alzina Fumadora / Sa Comuna".

The Cement road reaches the Ma-2121 to Fornalutx. Just before the crossroad, the old trail continues to Fornalutx straight forward on the upper side of a small water basin and thereafter cross the road.

The path continues down to Fornalutx between stone walls and houses with beautiful gardens.


Follow the Carrer Tramuntana street and then Carrer de L'Eglésia down to the small square Placa d'Espanya.

Down the square follow Carrer Arbona Colom, which is the same as Ma-2121, to the left until the road divides. Ma 2121 continues up to the left and the walk towards Biniaraix continues sloping down to the right across the sign "Soller", "Lluc" and "Pollenca".

After just a few meters is the sign "Camí des Creuer, Es Marroig, Biniaraix 1 h 10 min".


The walk continues along and beside a stream surrounded by high walls, then crosses the creek and continues on the hiking trail "Cami des Creuer". The first part is wide and paved, but after a while, a rather steep climb begins up a series of stone stairs  to terraced olive groves. At the sign "Camí des Creuer, Fornalutx 25 min" and "Biniaraix 35 min" a paved road continues down to Biniaraix. The road has a great view of Soller and Fornalutx. The last part before Biniaraix the olive groves are replaced by large citrus orchards.


You next arrive at  the old washhouse in Biniaraix. Follow the main street "Camí de Biniaraix" through the small village and signposting towards Soller straight ahead.

After 15 minutes you arrive at a three-way crossing with signs for "Soller", "Fornalutx" and "Palma" on the right. Here you go straight ahead  ending up on the busy street "Carrer de sa Lluna" which takes you into the attractive central square of  "Plaza de la Constitución".


After a walk of about 4 hours it is nice to sit on an outdoor cafe and enjoy some people watching in the square where there are cafes and restaurants aplenty. Our regular spot has become Café Soller at the entrance to Carrer de sa Lluna.

Cami des Creuer

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