17. Puig l´Ofre
Cúber och Gorg Blau
I fjärran syns Alcudiabukten
Högt över Soller
Puig de s´Alcadena
Stig 2 - den "lätta"
Coll de l´Ofre
Puig de s´Alcadena och Puig Alaró
Stenröse visar vägen

Puig l`Ofre 

Puig l'Ofre is one of the most central peaks of the entire Tramuntan mountain range and an amazing


From here you can see large parts of Majorca: Palma Bay in the south and Alcudia Bay in the north,

Inca, the water reservoirs Cúber and Gorg Blau, the mountain peaks Puig Major, Teix, Puig d'Alaro and Puig de  s'Alcadena, Soller and Port de Soller and much more.

This walk is ”a must”.

Coll de l'Ofre and Puig l'Ofre along the GR221 can be reached from two different directions, either from Cuber reservoir or from Barranc de Biniaraix.

The very top, Puig l'Ofre is reached from three different directions, two from Coll de l'Ofre and one

from the valley between Cúber and Coll del'Ofre.

Utsikt över Coll de l´Ofre och Soller

We walked from the foot of Mallorca's highest mountain, Puig Major.

Parking is available at mileage 34 on Ma-10, where the road into

Cúber water reservoirs begins. Follow the GR221 trail along the

western side of Cúber (right side). The path is well signposted.

Our choice of path to reach the top turned out to be the toughest

way up. Our friends who recommended the walk had forgotten that there was more than one way up, so we looked for where the other hikers/climbers were going.

We are not regular hikers or mountain climbers, so for us this was a huge problem. As described in

"Walking on Mallorca" (which I found after our walk) this was the most common path. We met elderly

walkers on their way down with happy smiles, so I think that we are the problem not the otherway.

For those who want variation, choose the tough (or more difficult) option up and the easier option


I choose to rename the trails 1 (the harder) and 2 (the easier).

Both trails are marked with small stone cairnes and occasionally blue-colored dots.

The description to trail 1 is from "Walking in Mallorca", since I was unable to note markings or other points of recognition. I was most focused on keeping alive.

Trail 1

"The path leads up to the" backside "of the top (southeast side). It is quite steep, but easy to find and quite easy to walk. Follow the gravel road down towards Biniaraix from the pass Coll de l'Ofre past the stanchion that after 30 meters marks where the GR path takes off down to the right. Continue 30 meters further onto the gravel road, which enters the wood to the left, just after a stone wall.

10 minutes later the road passes the next stone wall. You are then on Coll d'en Poma at 887 meters, which offers beautiful views both north and east. Immediately after this place, the path begins to the top upward left through the wood. Some stone cairnes and blue dots show the way, at first with a few path alternatives that will soon meet. 200, here and there steep altitudes, is waiting, but the path is easy to walk.

30 - 40 meters below the top meets the path coming from the other direction, from Coll des Cards.

The last part to the top is common to the two paths, and leads first up against th edge just north of the top, then further up to the left to the actual peak of 1,091 meters. "

Trail 2

Follow the GR221 trail from Cúber along the river Torrent de Binimorat (same way as to Coll de l'Ofre) for about an hour until you reaches the Binimorat stone house and the GR221 sign Barranc de Biniaraix and Biniaraix to the right, whick is the path you continue to Coll de l'Ofre.

Instead of going to the right you continue the gravel road straight ahead and past the signs ”Prohibido el Paso” and ”Provo Privado”.

There are more signs like these in the area while the trail up to the top been marked, so nobody is taking any notice of them.

Then follow the path through the woods until you reach a field where the path divides. The path on the right leads to Coll de l'Ofre and straight up to Puig l'Ofre.

A well signposted path with stone cairns leads to the top of 1,091 meters.

30-40 metres below the top meets the trail from the Northeast. The last piece to the top is common to the two trails.

Be inspired!

A short film - Puig l`Ofre