15 Puig d´Alaró

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Puig d´Alaró

The 822 meter high peak with the fortress, Castell d'Alaró, can be reached from two directions. Either you start from Alaro or from Orient. We chose to start from Orient on the north side.


Puig d'Alaró is one of the two high "twin peaks", visible from the motorway between Palma and Alcúdia. The other top is Puig de s'Alcadena, but there is access prohibited.


About 1 kilometer east of Orient, on the road Ma-2100 towards Alaro, lies the hotel l'Hermitage. There are a few parking spaces along the narrow country road, the parking lot at the hotel is only for hotel guests.


Follow the road 200 meters towards Alaro to the sign "Coll d'Orient 498 m". Across the road you´ll  see the clear GR221-signs to Castell d'Alaró 1 h 20 min and Alaro 2 h 45 min.

You pass a closed iron gate before the path continues between sparsely growing olive trees. The topography here is very special; both barren and at the same time fertile, due to the cultivations down in the valley.

After about 20 minutes of walking in a pleasant ascent, the path gets considerably steep uphill for about another 20 minutes until it ends onto a large tall-growing plan area that forms the 705 meter high pass Es Pouet.


Here is where the trip from Alaró comes up.

There´s now new signage to Castell d'Alaro with 30 min and Alaro 1 h 40 min. The path up to the top is beautifully built with countless, wide steps. Even now, one can imagine the incredible view awaiting at the top.


The steep mountain side is popular among mountain climbers. According to the book "Walking on Mallorca" there are a total of 30 different climbing trails at Alaró.

Two fortress gates leads into the fortress plateau. A path leads the last few hundred meters up to the very top. There is a small chapel, a small bar and an overnight stop.


The view from the top is amazing - from the Palm Bay in the south, across the  lowland of Mallorca with Santa Maria, Consell and Binissalem and over Inca.

For you who choose to hike from Alaró, don´t miss a meal at restaurant Es Verger! It´s definitely worth a visit! The lamb shoulder and the goat kid with rosemary is fantastic.

Here is also a parking place. From here it´s 1 hours walk to the top of Puig d´Alaró