14. Orient

el limonero

On a trip to Orient 

(Please notice that this only photos for inspiration, not a route description)


My knowledge about the Orient area is quite vague. Here we ended up with some English friends who started a hiking club. Based on what we heard earlier about some of their hikes where getting lost is more rules than exceptions, we might have been more reluctant to accompany, but the company was nice and we were hanging on with an open mind.

They are now forgotten and we´ve joined them at other occasions.


Based on this background, it is therefore very difficult to make an assessment of the time required for the tour. It would have taken 3 hours, but with a little extra detours and return roads, it took 5 us hours.

I experience this as an exception. My experience with the signage of Mallorca's paths is that they are easy to follow. Getting lost without finding back to civilization within a reasonable time is almost impossible thanks to the accurate signage.

This trip has in no way deterred us, we will visit the area again. Many excellent trails with varying stretches are found in the area. Just park the car in the area and start walking.

Orient is Mallorca's smallest village and consists of a few houses and a small church. But there are three restaurants serving good Mallorcan food.


The village is highly located among olive groves in the shadow of the mountain Puig d'Alfabia. Many people from Palma goes here with their families on Sundays.


Nature is very varied. The area is located in a relatively flat valley with open expanses, quite unusual for being up in the mountains.

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A short film - On a trip to Orient