12. Sa Foradada

el limonero

The Archduke palace Son Marroig and Sa Foradada


This is a very beautiful walk with a height difference of 270 meters.

The walk takes about 2.5 hours back and forth. If you´ll climb out further along the cliff it will take you about half an hour extra.


The road down to the strange rock formation follows a narrow serpentine road that takes turns swiftly.

We made the walk in October and had the advantage of being able to seek shadow in some parts on the way back. Walking the stretch up during the summer months with a roaring sun is nothing to recommend.


The walk starts from the palace Son Marroig, performed by the archduke Ludwig Salvatores.

Parking is available at the mile mark 65.5 on Ma-10 (south of Deía). Here you will find a mirador providing a wonderful panoramic view of the steep coast and the hollow rock, Sa Foradada extending into the sea. In the summer, the restaurant is open.


To take in the sunset from here is fabulous.


The information we´ve received is that the trail is chargeable, but then you also have access to the house, which is set up as a museum, and to the garden. The fee is paid inside the house. But I have also heard that no one reacts if you go straight to the closed gate and climb it (at least not when the museum is closed).

The gate is located directly after the museum with a small ladder on the right side.


A few hundred meters below the viewpoint you can see the hollow rock that gives the place its name. The great hole in the rock has been shaped over time, by the waves of the sea over and the constant attrition of the winds.

The hole in the rock is 10 meters in diameter and can be seen from a long distance.


In the mansion Son Marroig (= The Red Sea), the Archduke Ludwig Salvador lived for many years. The garden and the surrounding countryside is very the fine along this coast. From the pavilion, in white carrara marble, visitors get one of the best views of the west coast.

The walk follows the old path for barrows that the archduke built down to the cape Sa Foradada.

The stretch is a 4 km back and forth trip with 270 altitude difference.

The first part the walk passes beautiful old olive trees. Here you can also meet some sheep and donkeys looking for something to eat.

The beautiful mountain is bathed in many colors: from gray, almost black to terracotta.

The walk ends in a beautiful little bay with an own pier. In summer there is also a small restaurant here.

The water is crystal clear and it is possible to dive in and cool off.

The restaurant, with paella as specialty, is relatively inconspicuous  but very popular. Many "celebrities" have been here over the years. (The week after our visit, Bruce Springsteen went there.) If you do not want to walk down, there is also the possibility to charter a boat in Port Soller.

In summer, the small bay below the restaurant is full of boats in different sizes.