10. Puig de s´Alqueria

el limonero

Puig de s'Alqueria is clearly visible as the highest of the three peaks when you arrive on Ma-11 from Palma towards Soller.

We chose to start our hiking in Bunyola.

Starting in Bunyola is an option if you take the old "orange train" from Palma or Soller.

Bunyola is in itself a village that should be experienced, especially around the square with the church.

Restaurant Can Penasso at mileage 15 on Ma-11 is an option if you come by car, as otherwise it may be difficult to find parking spaces in Bunyola.

From Bunyola the hiking tour is about 12 km round trip and takes between three and four hours.

The initial directions until you cross Ma-11 are from the book "Walking on Mallorca".

"If you are coming by train from Palma or Soller, follow the alley Carrer de L'Estació towards the city until the trees ends after a few hundred meters. Walk down the street to the left marked parking lot (here you can park if you come by car). Continue from the parking lot along the narrow paved road past the building with a spire, for a total of 1.5 km, to the main road Ma-11 between Palma and Soller. The road passes through an interesting cultural landscape and crosses a dried river just before the main road.”

Cross Ma-11 and head towards Soller about 30 meters where the farm road up to S'Alqueria d'Avall begins.

If you´ve parked at Can Penasso, cross Ma-11 and follow the road about one kilometer to Soller until you reach the sign "S'Alqueria d'Avall".

You will now enter a 200 meter long paved road up to a large building between olive groves and orange trees.

Between the impressive residential building and the smaller building closer to the road (with two arched entrances), a road leads up to a metal gate. Pass this and the next gate. After you have passed the gates, just follow the gravel road up to just below the highest peak.

You follow the gravel road on the ridge just below the highest peak and to a pile of stones with the text "Mirador Leandro Ximenis 1958 / Fomento de Turismo de Mallorca". Here begins the path that leads the last stretch to the top of Puig de S'Alqueria.