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If you decide to go to Mallorca, the hotel and apartment facilities are well spread over the whole island. It is only your needs and wallet that decides.


I think it's more exciting to seek accommodation away from the charter hotels as I want to experience parts of the country of origin and get local people closer into life, buy my own food on the market or in the Supermarket. Practice the phrases that I´ve learned.


Now it may not be obvious practice the Spanish language, as even the most sophisticated mallorcin is looking forward to meeting the tourists at their home front, such as on a hiking trail.


An example might be when we have been walking in the mountains for an hour without meeting a living soul and then we got thirsty, and suddenly we met an innovative youngster who carried his orange press into the mountains just to earn a slope of 2,5 euros for a small plastic glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

But we were happy; we had come closer to one of the locals and even contributed to his livelihood. We have also had swap some words in English, meanwhile the orange press had to do its work. Thank god he had studied English at the University of Barcelona, so the language was no problem.

And I can promise that considering to all the plastic glasses being used, we were not the only ones that had become an experience richer.

Do not be afraid to let go of the ”lifeline” to the travel agencies and try the unknown. The language dissolves with gestures, English and, at best, some Spanish phrases. But forget the the Spanish that you had learn at school, castellano. The local dominating language is Catalan, but it differs dialectically from the Catalan spoken in, for example, Catalonia and Valencia, and also on other islands in the Balearic Islands. The dialects also differ quite a lot also between different locations on the island.

Because of this diversity, the local language is sometimes called "mallorqui" or Balearic.


If you are traveling with low budget flights, you will be more likely to find a cheap seat.


Find the accommodation that suits you, or why not; do something unexpected and try something total different. Myself I would like to rent a small cabin in an olive grove high up among the mountains with wonderful views and far, far away from other people.


Let the imagination take control over your "googling" and you will be guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for.

Many local estate agents also have houses, fincor and apartments for rent.


NOTE that from 2017 the authorities are putting pressure on illegal rental of apartments! Many householders looking forward to a measure to license rental of apartments. Until then only long-term rentals and houses with a license are allowed.

Are you interested in renting our apartment for longer than one month or our house, please contact us. We have a license for the house.

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